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Presentation Proposal Guidelines & Information

Interested in submitting a proposal for the NNETESOL conference? This page will guide you through the necessary components of your proposal submission.


10 words to catch the reader’s eye

The title should accurately reflect the session content and be clear to the intended audience.

The title must:

  • not exceed 10 words (each part of a slashed or hyphenated word counts as one word)
  • not include exclamation or quotation marks
  • not include presenters’ names, institutions, or titles of their published works
  • capitalize all verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and pronouns; do not capitalize conjunctions, articles, or prepositions of fewer than four letters
  • capitalize both terms of hyphenated compounds and the first word after a colon


Your basic 50-word elevator speech

The session abstract is your opportunity to win over conference attendees. Abstracts may be edited by NNETESOL. The abstract:

  • will appear in the conference program
  • must not exceed 50 words
  • must not include presenters’ names, institutions, or published works
  • should not include acronym(s) or abbreviation(s) except the following: L1, L2, CALL, CBI, EAP, EFL, EL, ELL, ELT, ESL, ESP, IEP, NNEST, SLA, TESOL, TESL, and TEFL


200 words to convince reviewers to choose you

Although the session description will not be published in the convention program, its clarity will reflect to reviewers the overall quality of the proposal.Reviewers read and score your entire proposal, so this should not simply repeat your abstract. The session description should:

  • include a clearly stated purpose and point of view
  • include supporting details and examples
  • contain evidence of current practices and/or research
  • conform to an appropriate session type (e.g., dialogue, teaching tip, etc.)
  • include a variety of techniques (e.g., activities, visuals)
  • outline an appropriate amount of material for the allotted time
  • reflect the presentation content and format
  • indicate the target educational context(s) and student population(s)

The description is no more than 200 words. Acronyms should be limited to the ones accepted in TESOL International proposals (L1, L2, CALL, CBI, EAP, EFL, EL, ELL, ELT, ESL, ESP, IEP, NNEST, SLA, TESOL, TESL, and TEFL). You can find the definitions of these acronyms here, along with others commonly used in the profession. Do not use presenters’ names, institutions, or published works.

Use the table below to help you choose a session type and to decide what to include in your abstract:

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