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Grants from TESOL

TESOL Sponsored Awards and Grants:
This web link includes information about the various TESOL awards and grants available to English language teaching professionals and lists of past award and grant recipients. TESOL sponsored awards and grants recognize exceptional TESOL members so TESOL awards are available to TESOL members only (except for the TESOL Virginia French Allen Award for Scholarship and Service). Membership must be active at the time of application. If you have any questions about TESOL awards, please contact

Grants from NNETESOL

Richard Yorkey Developmental Grant Application: (ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS SOON)
This award was created in 1998 to honor and remember Dr. Richard Yorkey, a noted author and educator, who loyally and actively contributed to NNETESOL for many years. The purpose of the Yorkey Development grant is to provide financial support for professional development, such as a college course or training opportunity in the English as a Second Language (ESL) field.

  • Annual Due Date: September 1st; course/training must be completed within 1 year of this due date
  • Eligible Applicants: Any NNETESOL member without benefits for professional development but working in the ESL field or any NNETESOL member without an ESL degree/certification.
  • Grant Amount: Up to $800 per year to one or more applicants, applicant will only be awarded one grant per year.

Criteria: Applications are evaluated on the relevance of the college course(s) or training opportunity to the ESL field/work. The monetary award of this grant can only be paid to the institution offering the professional development opportunity. Reimbursement of individuals will not be considered.

Research or Development of Classroom Materials Grant Application: (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE)
This award is designed to provide financial support for library materials, field research or the preparation of pedagogical activities.

  • Annual Due Date: September 1st
  • Eligible Applicants: Any NNETESOL member
  • Grant Amount: Up to $500 per year for one applicant

Criteria: Applications are evaluated on the research/development’s practical feasibility; relevance to the classroom; soundness of rationale and theoretical basis; clarity of indicated language level and intended student population; organization; and expression. The research or development must be completed within a calendar year of the due date. The recipient of the award will be expected to submit a proposal to the next NNETESOL conference to present the results of the research/development and contribute documentation to the NNETESOL archives. When the recipient submits a proposal to the NNETESOL conference they must note that they are the recipient of the previous year’s award.

Mainstream Teacher Grant Application: (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE)

Northern New England TESOL would like to recognize the many mainstream classroom teachers who contribute to the academic success of English language learners (ELL) in their schools. In most cases, ELL students are in mainstream/regular classroom settings during the school day. The students rely on the extra effort and support from these teachers to make the class content accessible to them.

  • Annual Due Date: September 1st
  • Grant Amount: $100 gift certificate, letter of recognition sent to his/her principal, and free admittance for the nominator and nominee to a NNETESOL conference

Application Information and Submission: A NNETESOL member nominates a mainstream/regular classroom or content area teacher who deserves recognition for his/her support of ELLs in the school district. The member completes the Mainstream Teacher Grant Application.

Graduate Student Grant Application: (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE)
Established in 2013, this award is designed to recognize graduate students in TESOL related programs in member states that seek to enhance their knowledge about ESOL by attending the NNETESOL conference. Up to three individuals may receive the award each year, one from each member state.

  • Annual Due Date: September 1st
  • Eligible Applicants: Any graduate student who is currently enrolled full time in TESOL, Applied Linguistics or a closely related field at an accredited institution of higher learning in Maine, New Hampshire or Vermont.
  • Grant Amount: Complimentary registration to the Northern New England TESOL conference in the same calendar year as the award and up to $50 travel reimbursement.

Criteria: Applicants are evaluated on their commitment to becoming active members of the NNETESOL community and the TESOL field.

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