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Founders of NNETESOL:

Diane Dugan was a founding member of NNETESOL along with Thomas Sousa and Lauryl Ellis in 1981. At that time, she was an ESL teacher in The Adult Education program for the city of Manchester, NH. Dr Thomas Sousa was her supervising teacher and a mentor.

President History:

1981-1982  Laurel Ellis

1982-83  Diane Dugan

1983-84  Jane Grover

1984-85  Mark Ankarberg

1985-86  Donald Flemming

1986-87  Carolyn Duffy

1987-88  Michael Jerald

1988-89  Susan Jenkins

1989-90  Richard Yorkey

1990-91  Denis Hall

1991-92  Don Bouchard

1992-93  Lucie Germer

1993-94  Bart Weyand

1994-95  Linda Ward Burgess (pe Tondy Higginbotham)

1996-97  Tondy Higginbotham (pe Polly Howlett)

1997-1998  Polly Howlett

1998-1999  Don Bouchard

1998-1999  Susan Coakley

1999-2000  Birna Arnbjornsdottir

2000-01  Jeanette Ruffle (met with Beth)

2001-02  Margaret Murphy

2002-03  Maddy Miller (meeting with Lorraine)

2003-04  Rosemary Orlando

2004-05  Polly Howlett

2005(02)-06  Linda Walsleben

2006-07  Linda Ward

2007-08  Ruth Dater

2008-09  John Halliwell

2009-10  Beth Evans

2010-11  Linda Evans

2010-11  Shelly Chasse-Johndro

2011-12  James Whiting

2012-13   Kirsten Kollgaard

2013-14   Farrah Taylor Giroux

2014-15   Anne Wright Shank

2015-16   Cynthia Reyes

2016-17  Beth Evans

2017-18  Stephanie Marcotte

2018-19  Sarah Forbes

2019-20 Alexander Lapidus

2020-21 Erin Ross

2021-22 Nicole Decoteau (Current President)

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